HAED-Jo Coordinates visits between New Growing System, Wageningen University, and Jordanian growers


From December 9th to the 13th, Jordan Hydroponic Agriculture and Employment Development Project (HAED-Jo) coordinated visits between representatives of NGS (New Growing System), Wageningen University & Research (WUR- GH), and partner growers in both the Jordan Valley and Highlands. The visits included discussions on the climate, resources, and farming challenges growers face. Additionally, there was an assessment of the different conditions for growing herbs and leafy greens, greenhouse specifications in the different climate zones, and cost of different greenhouse and growing systems designs.

NGS is a Spanish company committed to the continuous developing new farming techniques and growing systems with the goal of optimizing water resources while meeting the increasing needs for a high yield intensive agriculture in arid and semiarid regions.

Wageningen University and Research Greenhouse Horticulture is a world leading institution in protected horticulture, and is a partner in the HAED-Jo project.

The visit is part of HAED-Jo’s objectives to provide technical and management innovations suitable for arid and semiarid climates, build partnerships among growers, and establish business partnerships that will grow and expand with the adoption of these technologies and systems.

The Jordan Hydroponics Agriculture and Employment Development Project (HAED-Jo) is a three year project focusing on efficient farming in Jordan and creating employment opportunities for Jordanians and Syrian refugees in agricultural production and the associated postharvest chains.  The project is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands to increase resilience of the hosting communities in Jordan.