HAED-Jo Coordinates visits between Svensson Climate Screens and Jordanian growers


As part of HAED-Jo’s efforts to establish and expand partnerships and support the entry of technology and businesses to the Jordanian agricultural sector, the project coordinated a visit between a Svensson Climate Screen’s representative and partner growers. The aim of the visit is to discuss the different challenges farmers face, understand the context of agriculture in Jordan, and explore how these technologies would potentially benefit Jordanian farmers, and how best to utilize them.

Svensson is a pioneer and world leader in climate control and energy efficiency through textile-based solutions, Svensson’s climate screens help control humidity, temperature, and UV radiation according to the crop requirements, to improve growing conditions.

The visit is part of HAED-Jo’s objectives to provide technical and management innovations suitable for arid and semiarid climates, build partnerships among growers, and establish business partnerships that will grow and expand with the adoption of these technologies and systems.

The Jordan Hydroponics Agriculture and Employment Development Project (HAED-Jo) is a three year project focusing on efficient farming in Jordan and creating employment opportunities for Jordanians and Syrian refugees in agricultural production and the associated postharvest chains.  The project is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands to increase resilience of the hosting communities in Jordan.