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Building Capacity and Developing Skills Set

Available skilled workforce throughout the production and value chain is critical to expanding high value farming and increase opportunities. The knowledge and skills base of Jordan’s horticulture sector is a key success factor for developing the sector and supporting the production and post-harvest value chain. HAED-Jo aims at increasing the competitiveness of the Jordan horticultural sector in the regional and global arena, which should create economic development and generate long term job employment for Jordanians and Syrian refugees.

To strengthen and support the continued growth of Jordan’s agriculture sector, HAED-Jo collaborates with key institutions to build the capacity of the sector on industry-specific innovations, market analyses, and value chain development. Furthermore, we are working with a myriad of cross-institutional partners to implement Training of Trainers (ToT) courses to build the capacity of participating agribusinesses and community beneficiaries with an aim to improve the overall agricultural ecosystem. Additionally, we have worked on strengthening the capacity of Jordanian academic institutions to conduct and perform research, introduce new and innovative agricultural competencies and improve the knowledge base of agricultural producers.

This activity was focused on three key intervention areas:

  1. Capacity building of individuals within the sector
  2. Establishing a cross-institutional knowledge platforms
  3. Changing behavior through dissemination of knowledge and joint research

As a result, five Jordanian institutions are being trained and strengthened to contribute to research and advisory services in the sector.

HEAD-Jo signs a partnership agreement with JUST
















To date, HAED-Jo has accomplished the following achievements:

  • Supported Six experts from the sector to attend “training of trainers” (TOT) sessions in Jordan and the Netherlands
  • Developed nine training manuals on various hydroponic topics
  • A cross-institutional knowledge platform was initiated through this ‘trainers’ team’ to reinforce collaboration among the institutions within the sector, and so far, the Jordan University of Science and Technology and the University of Jordan have both provided trainings for students on hydroponics and protected agriculture.  
  • More than 400 Engineers from various associations were trained on hydroponic techniques.
  • Awarded two grants to the Jordan Agriculture Engineers Association and the Jordan University of Science and Technology to provide training centers and to expand the pool and skillset of sector workers through practical training.